Project data
Hessische Staatsweingüter

Hessen State Wineries, Monastery Eberbach


Limited open competition, Honorable mention


Hessen State Wineries GmbH Kloster Eberbach

Project Partner:

In collaboration with Franz Stinner Architekten GmbH


Prof. Pfeifer und Partner, Weintech Weber

Building Type:

Exhibition and production building


7.500 sqm GFA

Design Concept

The design concept includes three elements:
- The winery
- The visitor Tour
- The production line



The winery is characterized by a building complex integrated in the vineyards which is also the delivery area for the grapes and the center for groups of visitors.


Visitor Tours

In the „visitors' tour" each station of the wine production is presented to the visitors through direct views of the respective production sites. The tour and walkabout takes place independent from the production line level.


Production Line

The "production level" has been aligned to the technical processes and further optimized.

The combination of winery, visitor tours and production processes creates an architecture that emphasizes the idea of "genius loci" (spirit of place) and in this way formulates a base for branding "Kloster Eberbach" -wine production becomes an experience-.