The starting point of our work is the spatial and contextual aspects of each project as well as the urban, cultural and historical features of the project location. Thus, for each project an individual theme arises which gives the building its own spatial quality, distinct image and structural conciseness.

This requires the planning process to integrate intensive studies of the client's objectives, budget frameworks and the needs of the users as well as environmental and technical constraints.

The interdisciplinary cooperation of all disciplines is an essential part of our work. By integrating these aspects at the very beginning of the design process, an optimal result tailored to the client requirements is ensured, that provides a spatially creative added value.

High atmospheric quality, functionality, durability, efficiency and sustainability, as well as sensitive correspondence to the surrounding city or landscape are at the center of our focus. The reduction of all parts to what is essential that challenges the senses is the theme of aesthetic imagination.


Who we are

sinning architekten is an architectural office mainly focusing on public and special buildings as well as office and residential projects. Committed to an inclusive approach in all projects, our planning team works closely with engineers, artists and specialists from other disciplines. In case of need, for large projects we strengthen our position in the service phase of construction by partnering with planners from our network with whom we have developed an adjustable working structure throughout years of cooperation. This allows for a higher flexibility towards the needs of the client as well as in planning and construction processes.

sinning architekten has been founded in 1998.

The office is located at Havelstr. 16 in Darmstadt.


Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Norbert Sinning
Managing Director / owner

1964 born in Rotenburg/Fulda
1995 graduated from Technical University - Darmstadt
1998 co-founded the office schurack und sinning with Frank Schurack
from 2001 sinning architekten
2006-2007 lectured at TU Darmstadt


Dipl.-Ing. Architektin Masoomeh Mostaan

1966 born in Damavand, Iran
1999 graduated from Technical University - Darmstadt
1999-2004 worked with different architectural offices
2004-2011 lectured at TU Darmstadt