Project data
EXPO 2000

Expo 2000 German Pavilion


Open 2phased competition, 1997, 2nd phase


Federal Republic of Germany

Project Partner:

In collaboration with Dennig Schurack


Structural engineering: Ove Arup London Cecil Balmond Patrick Teuffel

Building Type:

Cultural, exhibition building


19.000 sqm GFA

Reunification of east and west Germany

Since the reunification of East- and West-Germany, one hopes that different experiences and knowledge would unite and together, will grow into an innovative synthesis. This design proposal for the German pavilion at the Expo 2000 expresses this hope.

The central space or the so called "action-space" cuts through the pavilion's volume as a ramp or a sloped surface. This creates a unique experience for the visitors; that while passing through the pavilion, the two parts of the building gradually reunite and become one.

Once reached the top, the view opens up to the other European pavilions, symbolizing the link with the European community.

Inside the building, under the sloped "action-space", there exists the common central presentation room. Various exhibition halls with different themes, on the other hand, are arranged in the two side-wings.