Project data
Loggia Individual Residential Tower

Loggia Individual Residential Tower


Direct contract, 2003


Mr. Farhan Faraidooni, Dubai

Project Partner:

In collaboration with Planquadrat

Building Type:

Housing (50 apartment units)


8.146 sqm GFA

Service phases:

Concept Design, phases 1-4, reference details


10 storey residential tower in Dubai, with representative lobby on the ground floor, 50 individually designable apartments, as well as swimming pool and fitness area on the roof top.



The base structure of the square shaped floor plan of the building consists of 3 basic modules. The interconnectivity of the modules both in horizontal and vertical directions results in a highly flexible system of apartment types and sizes.


Apartment Units

The design allows for up to 10 different apartment types which are organized in both 1 and 2 floors. The apartment sizes vary from 90m2 to 290 m2 of floor area. Common spaces such as kitchen, dining and living room are arranged on the lower level of the apartment while private bedrooms are located on the top floor. All apartments include a spacious roofed balcony.


Loggia Individual

The outer shape of the building derives from its inner structure. The facade depicts the organisation of various apartments on the outside, thus creating an individual legibility of each apartment unit within the overall building.

The owners identify themselves with their own apartments through individual designs of forms, materials and colours.