Project data
Hochschule Fulda

Fulda University, Campus Expansion


Competition 2016, Honorable Mention


State of Hessen

Project Partner:

In collaboration with herzig architekten, Darmstadt

Building Type:

New construction, conversion and renovation of the heritage-listed buildings, Faculty of Nursing and Health as well as university´s sports facilities


usable floor area 5.190 sqm


The campus is characterized by a series of squares which encourage communication among the students. These places of communication are connected through a network of pedestrian ways. This spatial principle is continued throughout the design of the new building and the consequent formation of a court.

This spatial principle is consolidated again in the interior space of the institute in the form of a multi-storey hall that functions as a central space. Thereby, the inner dynamics of the institute are linked to the entire campus.


Urban Integration

The design builds on campus's urban concept with the spatial continuation of plazas and passageways and applies it in the design of the new faculty of Nursing and Health. Through the design of the new building a square is created which connects the campus through a public passageway to Moltke Street. Inside the institute, the three building volumes create an in-between space, functioning as a central multi-storey hall or a „vertical plaza".

The two joints or passages that separate the three building volumes from one another, shape the two entrances from the street and the courtyard. The vertical access in the building is provided by an open staircase which is inserted in the space between the old and new buildings. Therefore, the building becomes part of the spatial concept of the campus and the transition from the exterior to the interior space becomes fluent.

The building defines a clear spatial edge towards the Moltke Street and forms a representative façade together with the integrated heritage-listed buildings.
The façade is articulated by the staggered cubes which have a similar scale as the volume of the existing stable building. The joint between the old and new buildings defines the entrance to the institute. The two opposite entrances connect the Moltke Street and the courtyard through the interior central hall.

The long building structure delimits the campus, while creating a spatially enclosed courtyard and orienting towards the campus as a façade.