Project data
Faculty Schweinfurt

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, FHWS


Competition 2016, Honorable Mention


Schweinfurt State Construction Authority

Project Partner:

In collaboration with herzig architekten, Darmstadt


LATZ RIEHL PARTNER Landschaftsarchitekten, Kassel

Building Type:

Institute Building


usable floor area 3.600 sqm

The main urban planning idea

The new building for the faculty of industrial engineering, together with the planned library, shapes the starting point of the W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences and creates the entrance to the campus. The entrance plaza with the faculty and library buildings on its edges creates an urban interface between the city and the campus.

Passing through the "gate situation" at the intersection between the library and the faculty, one arrives at university's central square, which is located on the other side of the two buildings. Such a spatial organization allows for an improved interdisciplinary exchange among the faculties.


The main architectural idea

The main architectural idea builds up on this urban context and reacts to the spatial circumstances, through its form and organization. The two one-storey openings in the building create a spatial connection to both squares. They emphasize the corner situation of both squares while creating two covered entrances to the faculty building. The two entrances are internally connected through the main foyer.

The building design is based on a ring-shaped floor plan, as arranging the functions around a spacious courtyard. The courtyard together with the main foyer and the ring-shaped circulation system offer a place for exchange, informal learning and social encounter and thus, function as a central space for communication. The foyer, the central main staircase and the seminar rooms are organized around this inner courtyard on the ground floor.