Project data



An open two-phase competition, 2016, Honorable Mention


Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

Building Type:

offices, laboratories, company restaurant


usable floor area 7000 sqm

The basic urban planning idea

Development of the company's site as a campus along the banks of Rhine is the objective of the new market-oriented center "Budenheim.com".

A working environment integrated into the nature with a welcoming and open atmosphere that creates a quiet, solid and high-quality impression is the main principle of the design.

This purpose is fulfilled through the design of an organically formed building that is inserted in to the surrounding park landscape especially through the back and forth swings in its volume. Architecture and nature are closely linked to one another. A working environment is created in which nature, buildings, and the passageways between the factory and the new building, form a well-crafted ensemble.

Thus, a unique center is created for the company, which expresses a close connection with the nature and underlines the commitment to environmental integration and sustainability.

The 2 storey "bundeheim.com" building together with the restaurant on its opposite side accentuates the central area of the campus. Other possible expansion areas are inserted at the edges of the park in the form of individual buildings.


„budenheim.com" - Arbeitslandschaft

The principle idea in designing the floor plan and interior spaces is to create a working environment with a welcoming and open atmosphere with views towards the Rhein River and the park which places human interactions at the center of its focus.

This is achieved by designing an organic large-scale form which provides different overlapping spaces for office workstations that are also flexibly re-designable in regards to the facade grid.

Dynamic walkways in the park that constantly offer new perspectives can also be found as interior circulation in the building. They provide spaces for movement, sojourns and meeting points.